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Dental Surgery

Details of clinical services

Service Type (eg preventive) Description
Scaling and polishing Preventive Therapeutic To boost oral hygiene of the patient To reduce the incidence of halitosis
Flouride therapy Preventive To prevent formation of caries in children below 6 years
Fissure sealants Preventive To seal off potential spots for easy carious attacks in children
Root canal therapy Therapeutic To conserve tooth structure even when the caries is in the pulp..so instead of removal of tooth,the tooth is conserved.
Removable partial denture fabrication Therapeutic / Preventive To replace lost teeth..restore aesthetics,function and speech To reduce migration and malalignment of the remaining teeth in the mouth
Crowns and bridges fabrication Therapeutic To restore tooth structure thereby improving function and aesthetics
Oral hygiene and dietary counselling Preventive To alleviate halitosis
Reassurance Preventive Reducing anxiety of patients who need to wait for a certain age before treatment or intervention especially for the use of braces.

Clinical meetings and other educational activities (days, period)

Program Day Time
Training of clinical staff for effective delivery Tuesday 1pm/3rd week of the month